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Bake… Eat… Bake.. Sleep… Repeat!

Debi and I have been baking like crazy these days. For those of you who don’t know Debi has a gift in the kitchen… I have been learning so much from her, and we sure do have a lot of fun! We decided our chocolate chip cookies needed a little boost,it was the one thing we had not quite perfected… Today she produced HaNdS DoWn the  best cookie EVER! I got so lucky to be teamed up with such an talented lady! Also, for the record we have the best mint chocolate cookies known to man! My husband who usually does not like mint ate 3 of them tonight! Here are some pictures of our latest baking adventures!

Remember we open on December 17th… Only 10 days away if you have a craving, after seeing these pics then come on over next weekend for some goodness…

Our First Coupon!

We have our first coupon going out in The Coupon Book coming to 10,000 homes in the South Jordan area. If your lucky enough to get one bring it in for your free cookie!

The finishing touches…

We have come so far in not very much time! Construction started around Halloween and now here we are! We are almost done. We  love the look of our new bakery!  They were putting the sealer on the floors today so I will go intomorrow and get more pictures of the latest. That pink wall has a thick sheetrock texture made to look like frosting. The blue soffet piece in the pictures is wavy and Oh-so cool! We have picked out this blue and pink glass tile imported from Italy that we used for the back splash and front display case. Wait till you see it! We even found the perfect pink glass pendant lights! Everyday we have to make multiple trips to the bakery to see the progress and keep Mike the contractor in line. I think he may be lost when the bakery is built, he wont have two crazy women bossing him around anymore! Speaking of contractors… a little plug for the best in the business (in our opinion) Bart Hunt from New Concepts Construction. The process has been an adventure, but Bart and his team have handled things so professionally, have stayed on schedule and on budget. Even with our expensive taste! They are the best! THanks GUys!

The Colors are Awesome!

Mike and Bart from New Concepts Construction

The Swirly Girls Enter the Blogging world….

Debi and I are so excited to finally be blogging! We are so busy baking, catering, and supervising  construction of our bakery! We are opening our new gourmet bakery  in Soda Row in  Daybreak,  South Jordan Utah. Soda  Row is this super hip shopping and dining location on the west bench of South Jordan.  Find out more here

We are down to about 10 days before opening. Thats only about 240 hours! There is so much to be done!  The following are some construction pictures from a few weeks ago.  You have to see it now! I will post more in another post!